Writers Confirmed That Han from The Fast and The Furious Will Get Justice For His Role


    The Fast and The Furious have been a hell of a ride for all the fans all around and even to the cast and crew. This ridiculously awesome franchise owns the biggest fandom in cinematic history. Why wouldn’t? The films in the franchise bring out the insane cars and team of wolves who never turn back on family.

    Stunning as it seems, but the fans always wanted to know one thing, the reason behind the transformation of Deckard Shaw, the freaking badass villain into a certified hero. Fans are upset with this change in story arc as Deckard Shaw is the reason for the death of fan-favorite Sung Kang’s Han. It isn’t that fans abhor Jason Statham’s Deckard Shaw, fans love his performance but as an athletic and strong villain.

    Sung Kang’s Han debuted in the third installment in the franchise, Fast & Furious Tokyo Drift, but the film brought his demise too. But the writers didn’t know, the charming Asian racer will be loved so much that they eventually have to push into a prequel for more Han’s appearance. The reason behind Han’s death in the third installment was revealed in Fast & Furious 6’s mid-credit scene, and the reason is, of course, the ex- MI6 agent, Deckard Shaw who is on vengeance to Dom and team for their act upon Deckard’s younger brother in Fast & Furious 6. Now, Deckard is regarded as hero and fans demand Han’s justice. Thanks to the writers, Han’s character will get justice, sooner or later.

    Chris Morgan, the writer in the franchise recently said that Han’s death has not been forgotten. Chris Morgan is the writer meaning he is the one who killed Han, made appear to more films, and made his murder in the hero’s team. So if he is talking about justice thing then maybe Han’s fans should be relieved somehow. Morgan recently spoke with EW and said,

    So, we don’t know what future beholds for Sung Kang’s Han but you can see his murderer (Jason is an excellent actor) standalone movie Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs and Shaw in theaters this August 2nd and Dom and the family will return in summer 2020.