WWE star Jeff Hardy arrested for drunk in public.


    In South California, WWE star Jeff Hardy aka brother Nero got arrested for being drunk in public.

    According to a news by the Myrtle Beach Sun News, the 41-year-old wrestler was arrested on a Saturday morning. He was arrested from a south California’s hotel. While an interview, the police said Hardy was arrested without incident around 11:45 am. According to a report by TMZ on less than $200 bond, the wrestler has been released from the jail.

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    In response to this incident, the WWE Wrestling Inc.com told that “Jeff Hardy is responsible for his actions,”

    The wrestler has been on a sideline for months due to an injury in his leg. For many years Hardy has starred alongside his brother Matt, and he has been the second hand of the tag team, Hardy boys. He has his history of cases and arrests.

    1. First Hardy was arrested back in 2009. he was arrested at his home in
      North Carolina in September. He was arrested for possession of prescription pills, anabolic steroids, and drug paraphernalia. After surviving the ten days in prison, Hardy pleaded guilty and paid a fine of $100,000 in 2011.

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      And the second time for a car crash in March 2018 in Concord, North Carolina, Hardy was arrested again for driving while intoxicated.

      The wrestler captured fans’ hearts for his death-defying stunts with WWE from 1998 through 2003. After multiple tag team championship reigns with his brother and a release from the company for his erratic behaviour, he finally won the heavyweight title in his return to WWE in 2009. He spent multiple stints in TNA wrestling, a competitor to WWE, and won its heavyweight title as well.

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      After living seven years away from the WWE universe. The Hardy brothers Jeff and Matt made a surprise return at Wrestlemania in 2017.