Wynonna Earp Season 3 Is Now Streaming On Netflix… Spoilers Ahead!!!


    Lately, the sci-fi series Wynonna Earp was in talks for its season 4. But till then, you can start binge-watching the season 3 as it has finally come on Netflix.

    Season 3 is finally on Netflix…

    The 12 episode season 3 started streaming on Netflix on 16 July. The show was a hit on Syfy and Space in the US and Canada respectively. And later on, it was taken up by Netflix. Season 3 premiered on Syfy in June 2018 but fans were eagerly waiting for its Netflix streaming which is now available.

    Wynonna Earp is a supernatural Western horror series which is based on the comic book by Beau Smith. Wynonna Earp (Melanie Scrofano), the outcast descendant of the lawman Wyatt Earp battles revenants and other supernatural beings to get rid the world of demonic creatures from the Wild West.

    What will be there in season 3?

    Season 3 picks up after Wynonna realizes in the season 2 finale that killing the widows wasn’t enough. It starts off with her trying to figure out the mystery of a bus full of sexy strangers wound up in her town. A major spoiler ahead!!!! You’ve been warned!

    You need to prepare yourself with loads of tissue paper because season 3 will see the death of a major character. Drumrolls!!!!!! Xavier Dolls. Yes, guys, Xavier will die in the season which is completely unexpected. His death will affect the lives of the rest of the characters in many ways. Many truths about the Waverlys will also be revealed.

    Good News for the fans…

    But rest assured because season 3 will have a happy ending. The show was in talks due to its financial struggle. It was said that season 4 might be dropped but soon the problems were resolved. And now the “Eaperes” can rejoice because we’ll definitely have a season 4 though it’ll be a bit delayed, probably in 2020.

    That’s not it but there’s more good news. The show will be at San Diego Comic-Con 2019. Yipee! Creators Emily Andras, Smith, and stars Scrofano, Katherine Barrel, and Greg Lawson will be in the panel team.

    While you wait for the season 4, watch all the episodes of season 3 on Netflix.