Yahoo faces backlash for calling Chris Pratt white supremacist


    Yahoo faces criticism for calling Chris Pratt white supremacist.

    What Chris Pratt wore that made him a supremacist?
    Chris Pratt recently sported a T-shirt with the Gadsden flag on it. Yahoo posted an article in which he called Chris Pratt white supremacist for wearing the Gadsden flag. Pratt has worked in Guardians Of The Galaxy and Jurassic World and is famous for them. He wore a T-shirt with the U.S.A.’s flag and a rattlesnake coiled in front of it, and it read ‘Don’t Tread On Me.’ These two: the text and the rattlesnake are mottoes of the Gadsden flag. The American general Christopher Gadsden created this flag in 1775 during the Revolutionary War. It was meant to symbolize freedom and liberty. Hough in recent year the Tea Part has revived it.Chris Pratt

    What did Yahoo say?
    Yahoo’s article read: “Although it is one of the symbols and flags used by the U.S. Men’s Soccer Team, Metallica, as well as some libertarian groups, over the years the flag has been adopted by Far-Right political groups like the Tea Party, as well as gun-toting supporters of the Second Amendment.” But the people were not buying this interpretation of Yahoo. They criticized it for being open-minded and calling Pratt white supremacist.

    We agree Yahoo must take back what it said and apologize. It misinterpreted the sign and called Pratt something that he is not. Many are criticizing Yahoo on Twitter for posting that article. What is your opinion? Is Yahoo wrong?