13 Reasons Why: Katherine Langford’s Hannah Baker won’t be back with this season & here’s why


    After more than one long year, “13 Reasons Why” will return this year by the coming week. After season 2, this will be their season 3. This original Netflix series is set to debut on 23rd of August. This season will again show up a set of issues to befall the teen protagonists. Similar to the first two seasons, the 3rd season will also have 13 episodes.

    Katherine Langford served the viewers with the role of ‘Hannah Baker’, who took her own life. Katherine Langford continued to appear in the 2nd season also.

    However, the actress confirmed that she is not going to play her role in this season. The reason is the need for the storyline. According to her, “For me, letting Hannah go was in Season 1; Season 2 was for Clay to let her go. It was able to assist Clay on that journey as Hannah and let Clay have his moment to let Hannah go.”

    As for 13 reasons why, Katherine Langford plays the role of Hannah, a young woman who takes her own life. Two weeks later, after her tragic death, her classmate named Clay finds a mysterious box on his porch. Inside the box are recordings made by Hannah — on whom Clay had a crush — in which she explains the 13 reasons why she chose to commit suicide.

    If Clay decides to listen to the recordings, he will find out if and how she made the list. This intricate and heart-wrenching tale is told through Clay and Hannah’s dual narratives. With first episode date of 31st march 2017, this American Show is a favorite among teens.