13 Reasons Why Season 3- Netflix Drops A Major Bombshell; What The New Season Will Be All About


    Netflix just released the trailer for the third season of its teen-drama thirteen reasons why. And it includes a pretty shocking assignment, release date and even some Season 4 news. Read on to find out what has fans all over the world shocked.

    Netflix has announced that 13 Reasons Why Season 3 will premiere on 23rd August, making good on its promise to return in 2019.

    Additionally, the show has already been renewed for a final and fourth season which has started production. It will deal with the characters graduating from liberty high (the ones that do manage to graduate). And the next two seasons are going to be a blockbuster ride.

    Clay holding an rifle as the cops approach

    The Bombshell: Facts First

    The trailer starts off with a crime scene with Deputy Standal at hand, spurs on to a few fights and ends with a funeral, revealing the central theme of the season. Who killed Bryce Walker? While a trailer is certainly an unusual way to announce the death of a major character, it looks like this season has a lot more surprises to come. “Bound by their secrets and changed forever,” right?

    What Else This Season Has Got

    The season is set eight months after Spring Fling, with Tyler on the road to recovery and Clay and the other healing. But then “a tumultuous homecoming game culminates in the disappearance of a football player,” presumably Bryce which spurs an investigation, laying bare secrets. We can expect Season 3 to be a lot like Season 2, revealing past secrets through flashbacks, but with a mystery element. So gear up everyone, for a Friday night in, to watch some Riverdale Jason Blossom like murder mystery investigation.

    The Loose Ends Season 2 Left Us With

    It’s clear that Clay is probably not arrested for being caught with rifles as the cops approach. It’s been eight months, so Cloe’s pregnancy is probably done with too, and we’ll find out if she kept the baby or went for an abortion. The aftermath of the Jessica and Justin kiss should be discussed at some point too. And add to that, a few new characters, and we simply can’t wait.

    Are you excited about what the new season holds? Let us know in the comments below!