2 Dogs including 1 Golden Retriever RAPED by Monster Man charged with 221 offences


    Man sentenced for having sex with two dogs at his home and stealing women’s underwear in Australia

    According to the reports, 43 year old Dean Anthony Sellenthin, has pleaded guilty to the bestiality charges o him, that involves raping a ‘dark short-haired canine’ and a Golden Retriever. Sellenthin himself has confessed that he had sex with the two dogs for about 19 times at his own home in the small town of Bangalow.

    Apart from this Sellenthin has also pleaded guilty of crimes related to producing and possessing child abuse material, stalking, aggravated breaking and entering, aggravated indecent assault and bizarre theft charges related to stealing women’s and children’s underwear and swimwear.

    His theft which mainly included clothing items was once recorded as 37 pieces in a January 2012 incident, and a year before that he had stolen 16 pairs of underwear and swimwear from his neighboring homes.

    While he remains behind the bars, when calculated Sellenthin in totality has been charged for 221 offenses which he admits performing for over a period of seven years that is from the year 2009 to 2017 in the New South Wales tourist town, Byron Bay.Poor Golden Retriever raped by Monster Man charged with 221 offences

    DPP prosecutor Andrew Horowitz presented a detailed document about the charges for which Sellenthin was pleading guilty to the court. He said, “There are a number of matters that can go on a Section 166 certificate, a number of matters can proceed to sentence and a number of matters can be withdrawn,”.

    The Sellenthin’s matter was taken to the Lismore Disrict Court where Judge Jonathon Priestley has set the sentencing date as August 26 which would be carefully performed keeping in mind all the charges against him.