2 Men In Russia Got A Shock Of Lifetime From A Bear Cub. The Frightening Yet Funny Video Went Viral.


    Just imagine, you are taking a wonderful nap on the grass covers in a perfect ambiance. Perhaps the last thing you want then is to wake up, right? Well, what when you find a bear cub near you when you open your eyes? In imagination only you can say its frightening? So was the reaction of two gentlemen who in real came across the situation.

    The Frightening Yet Funny Incident

    The Man Tried To Wake Up His Friend After Getting Startled By a Bear Cub. Image Credit: Viralhog.
    The Man Tried To Wake Up His Friend After Getting Startled By a Bear Cub. Image Credit: Viralhog.

    Recently, ViralHog, a YouTube channel that publishes video under different viral topics came up with video footage of the incident that occurred on 2nd August. The video shows a curious cub nearing two men who were sleeping on the grass near the shore in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, Russia. The cub, don’t know, in what curiosity sniff one of those sleepy guys. In the attempt, he steps on the man’s feet, something that awoken him.

    But obvious, the awakening was not normal when he found a bear cub near his feet. He yelled with fear and that was so freaking for the cub that he ran away from the man. Seems like the scream was so effective. Next, the man tried to wake up his friend who eventually gave the same expressions.

    The bear cub leaving the men in fear and surprise run away from there without hurting any of them. It’s the nice stroke of luck for those men that it was just a cub, not his mother who would have killed them instead of just scaring the crap out of two dudes.

    Watch the video here:

    At Least Two Persons Were Flimimg The Incident

    The most interesting part of this incident was that at least two persons were there who filmed the whole happening without warning the sleeping dudes of the approaching danger. We can hear them talking in the video.

    This was even after the past news about Brown bears in the Kamchatka Peninsula killed people.