2 Monster Men arrested for raping, beheading and mutilating 3 year old girl


    Jamshedpur Police found a mutilated body of a 3-year-old who was kidnapped and gang-raped by two men

    The police discovered a mutilated corpse in a plastic bag, hidden in bushes around four km from the Tatanagar railway station. The head of the body was missing, and it has still not been found. The police are using sniffer dogs to search the head, but the rain is making the search difficult and complicated.

    The police said that the girl was gang-raped by the man who kidnapped her from her mother’s side and one of his friends on Thursday. After that, the 3-year-old girl went missing he mother she reported to the police and told them that she suspects the involvement of her partner Monu Mondal, the man for whom she had left her husband and has traveled with him from Purulia in Bengal. Monu Mondal, was with the family at the station, and has been arrested in the case and is being investigated for child trafficking.

    However, the footage from the CCTV cameras st the railway station helped the police track down the main suspects.


    Rinku Sahu and Kailash were arrested two days later, but they have not yet been able to explain why the girl’s head is missing. Although they have confessed their crime and told the police that they gang-raped the girl for over one whole day and later strangled her because she would not stop crying.


    Rinku Sahu has a long criminal record, and he had been recently released from the prison on bail where he was serving time for kidnapping a child and attempting to kill her in 2015. Rinku’s mother is a police constable, and their neighbors claim that she has often helped him get away with his previous crimes.