5 Excellent Tips to Pass CompTIA Exams


    CompTIA is one of the most recognized providers of IT certifications in the world. With a popular entry-level certification such as CompTIA A+, professionals stand a chance of building a thriving career in the IT industry. One of the biggest benefits of the CompTIA credentials is that they are not bound to any specific technology, therefore, CompTIA certified professionals are eligible to work in different industries and organizations around the world.

    All CompTIA certification exams are designed to meet the evolving industry needs. The key question is how a candidate can pass these tests on the first try? Below you will find important information about some of the most popular CompTIA exams and tips to pass them without any trouble Click Here to Download

    How to pass CompTIA certification exams?

    In general, CompTIA exams focus on equipping IT professionals with prowess to solve real-world problems. Here are 5 CompTIA certification exams which lead to highly sought-after core credentials:


    • CompTIA 220-1001 (Core 1)


    CompTIA 220-1001 is the first test you need to clear in order to achieve the CompTIA A+ credential. It focuses on networking technology, mobile devices, cloud computing, hardware virtualization, and network troubleshooting.


    • CompTIA 220-1002 (Core 2)


    This is the second and last exam leading to the PrepAway ETE Files. It assesses your skills and knowledge in the installation and configuration of different operating systems. CompTIA 220-1002 also covers software troubleshooting, security, and operational procedures.


    • CompTIA N10-007


    Upon successful completion of N10-007 exam, candidates are awarded the CompTIA Network+ certification. N10-007 exam was recently updated and restructured in order to ensure that it addresses current technologies that are widely applied in the networking industry. The special domains that were added during the update include:

    • Critical security concepts to enable networking professionals to work with security practitioners
    • Cloud computing best practices as well as typical service models
    • New hardware and virtualization techniques
    • Concepts to equip professionals with a set of skills to maintain the network resiliency

    The CompTIA Network+ credential can serve as a stepping stone to other higher certifications. 


    •  CompTIA SY0-501


    CompTIA SY0-501 exam is designed to confirm the candidate’s skills and knowledge in installation and configuration of systems to secure applications, devices, and networks. It also tests the candidate’s ability to perform a system threat analysis and respond with the most appropriate mitigation techniques. Successful candidates are able to support the principles of Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability (CIA). SY0-501 exam leads to the CompTIA Security+ credential.


    • CompTIA FC0-U61


    Upon passing FC0-U61 exam, candidates will be awarded the CompTIA ITF+ (IT Fundamentals) certification. FC0-U61 test is designed to assess the skills required to identify and explain the basics of computing, software development, IT infrastructure, and database use. 

    Now you can see that CompTIA exams are quite complex and require hard work to pass them. Since the CompTIA certifications are so prestigious, we need to pass the required exams at the first attempt to stay competitive. I am already a CompTIA A+ certified professional and I know what you need to do in order to clear any CompTIA exam. I believe sharing my 7 secrets will help you pass with flying colors.

    1. Don’t panic

    The main reason why many candidates fail their CompTIA exams is not that they lack knowledge or skills, it is panic. You must always believe in yourself and the knowledge acquired during the preparation because nothing outside the exam topics is tested. Take it easy, stay mellow, and answer to the best of your knowledge. 

    1. Get hands-on experience

    Most of the CompTIA exams consist of performance-based and multiple-choice questions. You should ensure that you put every technical skill into practice during your preparation so that you can get a clear insight into the most important concepts. So, try to practice every theoretical concept learned and you will achieve a profound understanding of the exam topics.

    1. Use instructor-led video training

    One of the most commonly recommended preparation options is instructor-led video training from PrepAway. It is an ideal platform for your preparation because it contains detailed video lectures with lab sessions. Therefore, you will have the privilege to get hands-on skills by following a certified instructor. 

    1. Practice with CompTIA exam dumps

    Exam dumps play a critical role in assessing your understanding of the exam topics and identifying knowledge gaps. I used CompTIA exam dumps from PrepAway because all the questions offered here are in line with the current exam topics. More importantly, PrepAway exam dumps are trustable because they are uploaded by real exam takers and verified by experts.Exam dumps helped me to better understand how 220-1001 exam is set.

    1. Simplify your preparation with ETE Exam Simulator

    Cramming won’t help you with CompTIA tests. It is important for you to understand not only exam concepts but also the structure of the questions. The ETE exam simulator from PrepAway is an exclusive software which will enable you to prepare for your CompTIA exams in a more efficient way. The simulator allows you to conduct numerous practice exams to get an idea of the actual test and its atmosphere. More importantly, the simulator displays a performance report after every practice exam that you do.


    The most important thing for every IT specialist is to stay abreast of all the innovations in the industry. The world is changing, and IT professionals should be at the forefront when a new technology is introduced. Pass your CompTIA certification exams, and you will always be up to date with the latest inventions!