90 Day Fiance star Jay Smith released from ICE custody, his stay in USA still uncertain


    90 Day Fiance star Jay Smith has reportedly been released from ICE custody after a month.

    Jay Smith 90 Day Fiance
    credit: pop culture

    According to a report, the 21-year-old is now free. He was released on Wednesday, July 30 from US Immigration and Customs Enforcement detention center at the York City Prison in York, Pennsylvania. Smith was first taken into custody for violation of a Protection from Abuse Order charge.


    His ex-wife Ashley Martson’s representative stated,” During this shocking time we wish Jay and his family all the best. My client is focused on her kids and what to come of her career. We thank the fan and 90 Day fiance audience for being so considerate and understanding.”

    Martson filed for Divorce in January amidst cheating rumors but withdraw the papers after nine days. She submitted the documents again in April. The reason stated for the split was adultery.

    Ashley Marson
    credit: pop culture

    Jay’s supposed girlfriend Kayla O’Brien is rumored to be pregnant. She is also the girl who Jay reportedly cheated on Ashley with. “There’s already a lot of rumors that his girlfriend who started the GoFoundMe is pregnant,” Ashley said, ” From what I saw in the court she could’ve been expecting… so if I sign I would be responsible for paying his child support. No way in hell is I going to put my name in that line.”


    Even though Smith has been released, the threat of deportation is still looming over his head. Based on what his sister Poochie Smith revealed it looks like Jay has to wait for his court hearing to determine whether or not he will stay in America.

    His sister has been his constant support. She has been regularly posting updates about him. She confirmed his release through an Instagram post, captioned: ” Can’t wait to see Uncle Jay.” He is not out of the woods yet, but it is a relief for him that he is released.