A Man Accidentally Killed his Pregnant Wife While Trying to Shoot The Snake


    A man accidentally shot his wife while he was aiming to kill the snake. Later police found the snake in the nearby area.

    Let’s Know The Whole Story

    Ali El Arid and his wife Zeynab El Arid, was living in Turkey at their family. In the early hours of the morning, Ali found a snake in their bedroom. He aimed at the snake to kill him. But unfortunately, the bullet ricocheted and hit his wife, Zeyneb El Arid in the back, causing her to collapse to the ground.

    He immediately took her to the nearest hospital. But unfortunately, her wife died in the hospital. They have two children. Who are two and three years old.

    They were expecting a third child. Zeynab El Arid was six months pregnant. And now his husband Ali El Arid is in possible custody. Police are investigating that was that an accident or a murder by Ali El Arid.

    He is in police custody while Zeynab’s body has been sent to Seydisehir State Hospital’s morgue for an autopsy.

    Emergency surgery was conducted to save Zeynab El Arid. But that was bad luck that doctors couldn’t make it happen.

    Itwas not revealed who is caring for their children. The couple escaped from the Syrian war to start the new life. But life is so unpredictable that they both ended their lives.

    May Zeynab El Arid’s soul rest in peace!