A$AP Rocky Gets Out Of Sweden Jail: Rapper Sets Foot On US Soil Free


    A$AP Rocky spent his time in Sweden jail for about a month but now he has been set free by the Stockholm Judges. He was arrested due to a brawl which happened in the club along with two other guys.


    A Stockholm judge ordered to release A$AP Rocky from the jail and has permitted him to leave the country. Although the trial has ended the judges won’t give their verdict until August 14. In the trial, Rocky said that he had acted in self-defence. A$AP and his crew were in a club after their Stockholm show and two guys followed them there. A$AP told that he had to assume that these guys were under influence of drugs so he had to act in self-defence.

    The two associates- Bladimir Corniel and David Rispers were also released along with A$AP. News from the courtroom shows that use of bottles in the attack was a key factor. TMZ previously released edited pic of the fight showing A$AP fighting and other two guys jumping. A person testified that she didn’t really see A$AP hitting the assaulted guy with any bottle.

    This case has gotten a lot of attention from fans to even the US President. The US government warned Sweden about the fatalistic consequences if A$AP was not released. Trump tweeted ” It was a rocky week, come home ASAP A$AP”. The U.S. special presidential envoy for hostage affairs wrote to release A$AP as soon as possible to protect U.S.-Swedish bilateral relationship.

    This case grabbed the attention of both the nations media. A$AP is free for now but the final verdict will be heard on August 13. A$AP posted a pic of himself with a caption thanking all his fans, friends and everyone that helped him. He wrote that is very grateful for them during this harsh time.