Agents Of Shield Season 7 Brings Out Plot Similar To DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow


    Marvel and DC share similarities between their characters and TV series all the time. With the cliffhanger of Agents Of Shield, it is looking that Agents Of Shield will be Marvel’s version of Legends of Tomorrow.


    At the end of Agents Of Shield Season 6, we get to see that the agents need to travel back in time. They have to travel through their universe history and stop alien Chronicoms attack on earth. In season 5 we saw the alignment of this show’s plot with Legends Of Tomorrow’s plot. We see Agent Coulson and his team travel to dystopian future of 2091. By season 6 end we see Jemma Simmons revealing Zephyr-One which has been converted to a time ship.

    Both the series already had a lot of common aspects. They both haven’t been acknowledged in their respective universe and haven’t been included in their universe movies. Both the seasons started as a spin-off of their universe. Now that Agents have their own time travelling ship just like Waverider they both will be growing on the same plot.

    The executive producer told that season six will not end satisfyingly and made promises for season 7. The cast and the producer say only one thing that season 6 will break every fan’s mind. Any detail of season 7 is still unknown but the season will be of 13 episodes. Whedon says that the adventurous spirit shown in season 6 will continue in season 7.

    By introducing the time travelling concept Marvel is entering their territory of weirdness. Legends Of Tomorrow started a little weird but made it’s plot very interesting and gained fans very quickly. Agents Of Shield is also widely popular within the Marvel fans just like Legend’s fan. Both the series are now getting more and more similar and now it’s up to you, depends if you are a Marvel fan or a DC fan.