Another Age Gap Love Story: Sean Penn and Leila George Caught Indulging in Public Romance On Vacation


    Public Display of affection looks cute unless it’s between weirdly aged gapped couples, which calls for uninvited opinions. The same happened with Sean Penn and His actress girlfriend Leila George, who were spotted making out in public on their vacation.

    The 58-year-old actor, on his birthday vacation to Positano, was spotted with his 26-year-old girlfriend Leila George, kissing and embracing each other. They started dating in the year 2016, and since then their relationship is going pretty great. Sean has always grabbed media’s attention, thanks to his past relationships, where he was married to Madonna and Robin Wright, and later got engaged to Charlie Theron, an Oscar-winning actress like Sean. Sean has two kids with ex-wife Robin, a daughter Dylan and son Hopper, who are like aged to Leila. Even Leila’s father Vincent D’Onofrio is just a year older to Sean.

    After such an age gap, the couple indulging in public romance is calling out a lot of negative criticism, after their photo was released by Daily Mail. While in on picture they were spotted kissing and hugging around, other was a beach photo of both of them relaxing in their vacation attire. Sean was spotted wearing an olive three-fourth trouser showing off his torso, while the actress was seen flaunting her slender silhouette in a bikini bandeau.


    While Sean’s recent movie “The Professor and The Madman” was released this March where it was portrayed as an American surgeon, W.C. Minor, Leila will be starring in The Long Home, Opposite Ashton Kutcher, and James Franco. There have been a lot of bashful comments about the couple’s recent clicks, but both of them seem to enjoy each other’s company for now, without paying much heed to haters and critics. At the end of the day “Age is Just a Number”, Isn’t it?