Aquaman Revealed As Homosexual In Young Justice Outsider: Fans Flip Out Over The Twist


    Aquaman was one of the biggest hit for DC and Jason Mamoa nailed the character with his awesome acting. There has come a little twist in the Aquaman animated series and has left many fans dumbfounded.


    The animated series has shown Aquaman kissing Kaldur which was a surprising twist. This LGBTQ twist will not be seen on the big screen as it will never fit with the actor playing it on the big screen Kaldur explicitly says in the comic that he is gay, we first see this when he comes out in front of his father. Kalbur’s father responds that he doesn’t care and that we all are made of just flesh.

    Comics have always shown the changing world much faster than the generic media. Now it looks like that the animated series is also catching up. The meaning of this scene was to introduce queer character without making a big deal out of their queerness. It shows that queer character can just be introduced in the stories and not make a big deal out of it.

    Young Justice: Outsider follows the DC Rebirth comics and does not line up with the big screen so LGBTQ Aquaman is out of question. DC rebirth comics introduced Aquaman as gay in 2016. It does not exactly specify who is Kalbur dating but does that even matter? Kalbur remains an interesting and admiring character and his sexuality really doesn’t affect the show plot.

    The casual way of introducing Kalbur’s sexuality in the animated series is good. Young Justice and the movies follow different comics so we will not see this twist on screen as it would just be a forced plot detail on the big screen.