Arrow actor to give up on his wrestling dreams after just two fights?


    Stephen Amell became a household name after he took up the role of Arrow in the Arrow-verse. The actor’s fame and popularity has increased leaps and bounds during seven seasons of the show.

    This increase in fame has opened many doors for the actor. Stephen has successfully extended his career into the movies after bagging a role in Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles. Besides, he has since started a wine company and headed up a cancer initiative to fight breast cancer. Stephen also did a very short stint in wrestling with only a couple of appearances in his bag.

    SOURCE: TV Guide

    Usually, it’s wrestlers who branch out to acting after making their name, but Stephen took a different route. Many fans had previously speculated that the actor is waiting for the show to get over after which he is going to build a career in wrestling. However, it seems that the actor is not going to venture into wrestling as he risks divorce.

    At the Television Critics Press Tour, Stephen revealed that you wouldn’t be getting back in the wrestling ring as he risks divorce. He added that it’s a pretty good reason to keep himself out of the harm’s way. The actor reveals that his wife was never a fan of his appearances in the WWE and other promotions. He also caused a delay in production for an episode after he fractured his hip wrestling.

    SOURCE: Just Jared Jr.

    That actor explained, right before episode 7×07 he fractured his hip in a wrestling match with Christopher Daniels. The next adventure was the most stunt heavy episode of the season, and he didn’t heal till then. He later sent apologies to the production manager for causing the delay. Stephen added that he is done with wrestling for as long as he’s working on the show. Arrow’s upcoming season is coming to television soon, and a huge crossover is expected in it.