Before marrying Meghan Markle, Prince Harry had a crush on Jennifer Aniston, documentary reveal


    Prince Harry was obsessed with the ‘friends’actress Jennifer Aniston

    It now that we cannot imagine Prince Harry with any other than Meghan Markle but recently it is been revealed that Actress Jennifer Aniston might have taken Meghan’s spot.

    As per some reports, it is believed that Harry used to send messages to Jennifer, “He told a close friend his favorite actress was Jen and got her number.
    And then “He texted her and sent emojis.”

    Do not worry about Meghan because while Harry was interested in Jennifer, she was reported with the former Chelsea footballer Ashley Cole.

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    According to the news, an upcoming new book and documentary based on the Duke of Sussex state that Harry was “obsessed” with Jennifer Aniston in 2009 when she appeared on the cover of the GQ magazine. In the cover photo, Jennifer was wearing nothing but a red, white and blue tie. It was at this point that the prince became interested in dating her. The U.S. writer Ian Halperin has written in the new book that “Harry was infatuated with Jen for years. He told friends she was ‘princess material.’ He visited LA and was partying heavily with models there.”


    Ian has also stated that “He(Prince) told a close friend his favorite actress was Jen and got her number. He texted her and send emojis.”
    Although a spokesperson of Jennifer has clearly denied the claims, and insisted that “the claims are false.”
    But on the other hand, Halperin has also added that “I stand by everything in the film and book.”
    However, call it a coincidence that Harry ultimately ended up with Meghan Markle who is also an American TV actress and just like Jennifer’s character in the series friends, Meghan’s character in Suits was named as Rachel.