BH90210 Reboot Is Finally Here! Know About The Premiere Episode…


    Without a doubt, the 1990s’ show Beverley Hills, 90210 has gained many of our attention with its reboot premiere. Let’s how are the stars and their lives after all these years.

    Get ready for more drama and humor…

    BH90210 premiered this Wednesday and fans got a chance to see the stars reuniting after a long time. This time, instead of playing their characters, the actors will be playing the fictionalized versions of themselves. But in a much more exaggerated manner.

    All the cast members sans Doherty flew to Las Vegas to celebrate the show’s 30th anniversary at a fan convention. Gabrielle Carteris, Jennie Garth, Brian Green, Jason Priestley, Tori Spelling and Ian Ziering met in what can be called as an awkward reunion.

    What happened to all of them?

    Fans came to know many things about the lives of the stars. Each of them is having problems in personal lives. Spelling has become a broke due to all the debts after the cancellation of her latest reality show.

    Garth is again facing another divorce in her third marriage. Her husband has filed for the divorce. Priestley’s wife is not interested in being his partner. Green feels overshadowed by her successful superstar wife, Shay. And Ziering discovers that his wife is actually cheating on him.

    As the premiere episode moves on, we discover that Garth and Priestley have a love and hate relationship. Spelling is nervous to meet Green to whom she lost her virginity during the show. And grandma Carteris gives a shock when she gets romantically involved with a female fan. Looks like she’ll be exploring her sexuality in the reboot.

    Tribute to Luke Perry aka Dylan…

    At the end of the one-hour long premiere, we saw a drunken Spelling stealing Donna’s dress. And then everyone is returning back home. At last, Spelling comes up with the idea of a true Beverley Hills, 90210 reboot. But what caught everyone’s attention was the tribute given to Luke Perry who died in March.

    A clip was shown on screen in which Dylan and Brandon drove along the coast with Dylan saying, “Welcome to paradise, man. Welcome to your dream come true”.