Brooke Mueller’s Is Struggling In The Trauma Center, Away From Her Sons, Grandmother Is Taking Care of Them In Absence of Her


    Brook Mueller, the popular American Actress is currently going under treatment at a trauma center. The 41-year-old actress who is the mother of twin sons Bob and Max left her kids at the right hands indeed. Although she is away from her kids, it’s their grandmother who is in taking care of them.

    Brooke is in Rehab

    According to reports one of the representatives of Brooke gave a statement about the actor’s present health condition. It was Brooke who herself decided to join into a trauma center and right now professionals are helping her to deal with her struggle of substance abuse.


    The actor has been in the trauma center for the last six weeks and she has improved a lot. She definitely had a quick recovery from her worse condition. After being under proper care she is doing fine now.

    Where Are The Kids?

    Brooke is certainly a responsible mother. She knew who would be the best person to look after her sons while she is away from them. The hands-on mother of the two adorable sons left them with their grandmother. The twins are also having a great time with their granny. Brooke was previously married to Charlie Sheen and they share Bob and Max.

    Meth Mishap

    Footages of Brooke smoking crystal meth inside a van made quite a hue and cry. After the incident, she voluntarily took the decision to seek help from professionals to recover from this condition. The video showed Brooke in a squatting position with a drug pipe in her hand. She was asking the person who was filming how she is going to drive the next day. She also said that ” I’m not gonna be able to get on the plane”.

    Some people claim that the video was from 2018, while some say it has been there for several years. But reports confirm that it was last month when Brooke relapsed.

    Mueller lives with her boys in Beverly Hills. In her absence, Brooke’s mother is staying with the twins in the same residence.