Can fans Expect Season 4 of Dear White People? Or Season 3 was The Finale? Let’s Find Out


    Dear White People is a web series on Netflix which currently wrapped up its third season. The show deals with some black students of an Ivy League institution and raises relevant questions about the race issues in America. This show is based on the movie of the same name by Justin Simien. Students of Winchester University cope up with the ongoing sexual and political tensions insode the campus. They also explore their relations with each other.

    CREDIT: Lara Solanki/Netflix

    Season 3

    After two successful seasons of Dear White People, Netflix returned with its third season and it started with a bang. The ending of the season disclosed a lot of interesting facts about the Order of X, which is a mystery in itself. Also, the actual identity of the mysterious narrator of Giancarlo Esposito is shown.


    Sam and Lionel are quite upset as they discover that the secret society of African- American students, the Order has disintegrated. Another exciting turn in this season was the sexual assault targetted towards professor Moses Brown, who is actually Reggie’s mentor.

    This news of assault came as a shock since Brown has a good reputation in the university. Muffy Tuttle is the one who blamed the professor for such a horrible crime.

    Final Episode of Season 3

    The concluding episode of season 3 shows that in a set of alternate universe Sam is hosting a radio show called Dear Black People. Interestingly, the normal order is reversed. Donald Trump is not the president anymore and Flavour Fav is new in power.

    Is Season 4 is in the Making?

    Speculations about season 4 of Dear White People are at its height right now. It is a trend of Netflix to cancel its series after the completion of three seasons and people are very much aware of it. Like Narcos, Santa Clarita Diet and many such shows did not have any further season after the third one. But, normally they announce the official dates for the next season soon after the latest one, so fans are keeping their hopes high to know more details about Dear White People.

    Let’s wait and watch.