Charlie XCX Explained That Calling Taylor Swift’s Fan-base as 5-Year-Olds Wasn’t Meant to Take in a Negative Way


    Charlie XCX, in a recent interview with Pitchfork, claimed that opening for Taylor Swift during her Reputation Stadium Tour was like standing on the stage and waving down to 5-year-olds.

    Such mean comment made the whole Taylor Swift’s fans around the globe exasperated, and soon the 27-year-old singer faced the tsunami of resentment from the so-called 5-year-olds. The Swifties began to slam Charlie XCX with adverse reaction; someone even said to send Charlie XCX back to 1999 as she is no longer needed.

    In the interview, Charlie, on the other hand, was grateful to Taylor Swift for her calling on the Reputation Tour. Charlie XCX opened the concert with another most exceptional singer and former Fifth Harmony member, Camilla Cabello. She claimed that her character was sealed as an underdog, despite doing much of it and now she just needs to own my own fβ€” sβ€” finally.

    After receiving a heck of animosity from millions of Taylor Swift’s fan, she took the twitter to clarify the mean comment she made on Pitchfork’s cover story. She tweeted the clarification and mentioned she never meant that way to take in a negative way, but in fact, there was no any shade but only love.

    The tour was inducted back in May 2018 in Glendale, Arizona that eventually concluded later after six months and 53 concerts in Tokyo, Japan. Charlie always loved to be with Taylor Swift as Swift has always been kind to Charlie. 59,157 fans showed up in Glendale, Arizona for the opening concert.