Chris Harrison Clears All the Budding Curiousity After Hannah Calls Off Her Engagement With Jed


    The Reality Dating Show, The Bachelorette was all set to welcome its Finale of season 15 but yes, there was more to just a plain ending.

    While Hannah Brown was all set to give her final rose to the best bachelor, Show’s host Chris Harrison as his own perceptions about the finalists.

    The Bachelorette is a reality show that gives a single women a platform to date various men over a period of few weeks and conclude whom she would finally take. Now, as the season reached its finale week, Hannah had to choose between Jed Wyatt and Tyler Cameron. Although Brown felt a massive relief after Luke Parker was eliminated, as he called off many controversies, still the other remaining contestants are no far behind in quest of being involved in controversies. In the final episode, Hannah chooses Jed over Cameron as she admitted that she was falling in love with him. But after Jed’s ex-girlfriend recently confirmed that he was in a relationship with her even when he went for filming in the show. this has obviously called off Jed and Hannah’s engagement.

    Show’s Host Chris Harrison has some important tea to spill about the insides of the show before the final verdict. Recently Tyler Cameron was spotted with Gigi Hadid and internet was quick enough to jump to conclusions, that too after the runner up was considered as a possibility for the next “Bachelor”. To clear the air, Chris Harrison shares with Glamour “Tyler and Hannah wanted a relationship. She just wanted to see him again, see where it stood. They’re friends. So Tyler’s not cheating on Hannah, Hannah’s not cheating on Tyler. Gigi Hadid is not even in this. There’s not even a love triangle. Everyone can pump their brakes a little bit.”

    To clear up any false hopes in fan’s mind, even Hannah clarified that they both are just keeping options open.