Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart shutdown Breakup Rumors with b’day love poem


    If there was ever any doubt as to whether Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart were still in a relationship or not, they have now been cleared.

    Today marked the 27th birthday of the Sprouse twins, Cole and his brother Dylan, and it was Reinhart who took to Instagram and congratulated her beau even amidst a flurry of rumors and media frenzy that they supposedly aren’t together anymore.

    Posting a picture of Sprouse, in the caption Reinhart wrote, ‘I tried to find a poem that I could send to you. Because my words were failing me. But I searched and found nothing that did you justice. All of these love poems can’t get it right. No one else’s words could ever fit. They haven’t known the fortune it is to love you. – sappy nighttime birthday poem for @colesprouse.’

    Credit: Elle

    Of course, the post will allow fans of Riverdale to take a sigh of relief, as it does away with the speculation that relations might’ve soured between Reinhart and Sprouse off-screen during the promotional tour for Season Four.

    The couple were invited by W Magazine for a cover-shoot, in which they could be seen as vampires, and a subsequent interview together, which they supposedly then requested to be conducted individually.


    Sprouse and Reinhart didn’t respond to the rumors right then, but took to Instagram soon enough a posted a set of pictures on their respective accounts with captions that told the press everything they needed to know, with the former writing, ‘UNPRECEDENTED: Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart consume the flesh of ‘reliable sources’ to fuel their bacchanalian sex cult,’ while the latter chimed in with, ‘BREAKING: A reliable source has confirmed that none of you know shit.’