Confirmed! Angelina Jolie is not dating actor Keanu Reeves


    In the corridors of Tinsel town a lot of Gossips revolves like a flash of a fire. Since quite a sometime the rumor of Angelina Jolie dating actor Keanu Reeves was been heard . But to fans dismay all rumors are put to rest as the actors confirmed that they are not dating.

    Buzzes were around the corner that after her divorce from Brad Pitt, Jolie has moved on in her life and is showing interest in the 54-year old actor. Rumors were also there that both the actors are quite serious about their relationship. Reeves also shares a great bond with Jolie’s six children which churned the rumor into a solid form. It was also heard that Jolie asked Reeves to be part of one of her upcoming films “Marvels: The Eternals”.

    Maleficent actor confirmed that she is not dating Reeves as her sole priority is her career and her Children and she isn’t desperate for love. She has whole lot of projects lined-up like “Maleficent:The mistress of evil”, “The one and only Ivan”, “Marvels:The Eternals” and more. She is also a part of lot of humanitarian works across the globe. Jolie is also a contributing editor in “Times Magazines” where she writes on Global issues she has worked in.

    After her Divorce with actor Brad Pitt, she was given the sole custody of their six children. Although Pitt meets them now and then but the principle job of raising the kids is being done by Jolie. On the other hand Keanu Reeves did not have any confirmed relationship since 2010. He was last linked with Charlzie Theoren when a picture of them kissing went viral. Since then his fans have been earnestly waiting for him to find a perfect partner.