Convicted Molester of 11 year old girl drowned in the cell’s toilet by his cellmate


    A convicted child molester killed by his cellmate inside the Duval County Jail, Florida

    43-year-old Paul Dixon has been arrested on suspicion of murdering cellmate David Oseas Ramirez following an incident on Tuesday around 11 a.m. at the Duval County Jail in Jacksonville, Florida.

    Dixon was serving a life sentence for a murder for which he was charged in the year 1993 at the age of 17, while Ramirez was also serving a life term in the jail after being sentenced for a case involving child molestation of an 11-year-old girl in 2013.

    Although the Jail records show that Ramirez as has been released from the jail, with the reason for his release mentioned as “deceased” but the sheriff’s office have not yet officially identified the victim in any of the statement.

    According to the reports, the two cellmates got into a fight for an unknown reason, after which Ramirez was fatally beaten by Dixon, and later he was drowned by Dixon in their jail cell’s toilet. And by the time that the Jacksonville Fire and Rescue paramedics and jail’s medical team arrived at the scene, Ramirez was already dead.


    However, Ramirez’s actual cause of death has yet to be confirmed by the medical examiner. Dixon has refused to talk to the detectives and has demanded a lawyer.

    Assistant Chief Brian Kee said that the “Homicide detectives are investigating a death in one of these cells. Foul play is suspected, due to an altercation that took place between the victim and his cellmate.”

    The sheriff’s office has said that the footage of the attack was captured on surveillance cameras that were active at that moment, contains evidence which they are still evaluating. But the video can not be released as the case is currently under investigation.