Damien Lovelock: A Musician, A Commentator and A Writer Has Passed Away


    Damien Lovelock, a musician and sports broadcaster has said goodbye to the world at the age of 65.


    Lovelock was the former lead singer of the band Celibate Rifles. Respect for Damien is being poured by the fans. Damien first joined the band when he was 26 and didn’t look back after that. Fans on Twitter and Instagram started “#RIPDamo” in respect of their beloved singer and the hashtag is now trending over the internet.

    The band members posted their official statement saying “with a sense of great sadness we confirm out friend Damien has left the world”. Lovelock played for the band for 39 years that is a long time. The band members were more than just friends but a family after such a long time.

    The band released their last album in 2007 but Damien released his own two solo albums after that. Lovelock loved the band and he told that in an interview too. He said that joining the Rifles band changed his life forever. He said that they had formed an instantaneous bond and he was looking for the band as much as they were looking for a guy like him.

    Lovelock is also being remembered from the SBS community. SBS chief analyst paid his respect to Lovelock saying he was an incredibly passionate and knowledgable commentator. They are remembering him for the work of THE WORLD GAME and for covering football on Sky News Australia. Damien also taught yoga in Newport, he began yoga when his back got injured in a football game.

    Along with music and football commentating Lovelock also wrote books. He wrote books like Soccer: Great Moments, Great Players in World Football and a cookbook. Lovelock has a son and two pugs, he will still be alive in our hearts.