Dayton Ohio Mass Shooting killed 10 innocent people


    On 4th August 2019 mass shooting took place in Dayton, Ohio at 1:05 a.m. 10 people died including perpetrators and 14 got injured. The gunman was shot down by the police within 30 seconds of the firing. Perpetrator’s name is Connor Stephens Betts. His home was scoured, and it was found at his house that his writings showed interest in killing. More analysis showed that he didn’t have any racial or political motive.

    Ned Peppers Bar on Instagram posted: “All of our staff is safe, and our hearts go out to everyone involved as we gather information.” This is what Trump had to say: “God bless the people of El Paso Texas. God bless the people of Dayton, Ohio.” Trump said his administration did a lot but also accepts that it has to do a lot more.Ohio Dayton Mass shooting

    Mayor Nan Whaley appreciated officers’ timely action. They took care of the situation at the right moment. Senator Sherrod Brown said: “Thoughts and prayers are not enough. We must act.” He is right, and the USA must act and take more security actions. Many people have urged for curbing gun violence in the USA.

    Know about the shooter

    The shooter Connor died at the age of 24, and he killed ten people. Connor on Twitter has defined himself as a leftist, anime lover and metalhead. He in the past had posted tweets against Trump and in support of Elizabeth Warren. He was very much into Satanism and Socialism.