Descendants 3 the favorite disney movie is back with new heros


    Descendants franchise one of the favourite Disney movies. It all started with the first Descendants 1 in 2015 leading to a sequel in 2017 and part 3 in 2019. After a long wait Descendants, three released on August 2. The base of the movie lies in the four children of the evilest villains in Disney universe. Dove Cameron as Mal the daughter of Maleficent, Cameron Boyce as Carlos the son of Cruella de Vi, Sofia Carson as Evie the daughter of Evil Queen and Booboo Stewart as Jay sin if Jafer. It all starts with them going to Auradon leaving the Isle of Lost.

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    Details on Descendants 3

    Fans were excited regarding the trilogy, and it did stand up to the marks. Descendants 3 revolved around Mal being proposed by Ben, which got Princess Audrey triggered and she in anger went into stealing queens crown and Mal’s wand from the museum. And on the other hand, Hades, who is Mal’s father and of the villain follower them through the barrier making chaos in Auradon. Everything now goes into a mess, and the four villain kids take matters in their hand.
    Mal is in a dilemma because Uma offers to help only on some fulfilment of conditions.

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    But everything is worth it when it ends well. Later we get to see Mal, Carlos, Evie and Jay choosing new kids to set on another adventure in Auradon.

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    Cameron Boyce

    This trilogy was an emotional one because we lost all the time favourite Disney boy Cameron on July 6 due to Epileptic Seizure. The cast and crew remembered him and prayed for him. It was a sudden death and came as a shock to lose someone at such a young age. We could see in the behind the camera pictures where the cast, including Cameron, is enjoying the most.