Did Netflix eradicate the”OA (original angel)”? why Netflix did this?


    “To some, she is a miracle, To other, she’s a freak. Only a few understand where she’s been”

    The OA is a popular Science fiction American drama, also available on Netflix in which OA stands for “original angel.” The director of the show is Zal Batmanglij who tried to animate the series and was successful as the show collected many endorsements of the fans it is co-created by Brit Marling. The super talented Brit marling plays the role of Prairie Johnson, who comes back to her home after a significant disappearance of 7 years, leaving everyone confounded. But

    Also, Prairie didn’t just return to her life, and she has also regained her eyesight. Plus, now she has some scars behind her back about which is she does not remember, the prairie is also having difficulties in identifying people at first. Everyone around meadow is anxious to know if her return is going to be a miraculously or if it’s going to prove dangerous for the ones around her, be it her family or FBI, but a confused prairie won’t talk about the missing years leaving everyone traumatized and full of questions.

    The series features the moving, yet the theoretical concept of parallel universe, cosmic forces and angels as prairie after¬† her return starts referring to herself as an “Angel.” The show has got two seasons which consists of eight mind-bending episodes each.

    Source:- the guardian

    Although leaving friends heartbroken, Netflix eradicated the third coming installment of the series as the lead actress Brit Marling shares a tweet through an emotional letter. The sci-fi is already very popular between the youth, and the OA provides an escape to people from ordinary life, the OA doesn’t leave any chance to intrigue and thrill the audience with its unique concept plot. It is an original series, which is highly recommended for people who share the love for science fiction, and are looking for something other than vampires and zombies.