Director Karl Lagerfeld & Kristen Stewart were very close, she talks about their relationship in New Vanity Fair Profile


    The new August Vanity Fair cover story has a sweet remembrance as actor Kristen Stewart opens up about her memories of Karl Lagerfield as a person. Langfield, longtime creative director for Chanel passed away earlier this year. Read on to find out all the secrets that the cover spills.

    How They Know Each Other

    Kristen Stewart has a long history with Chanel. She has been an ambassador with the brand since 2013. In 2017, she was even appointed as the face of the PR of Chanel’s fragrance Gabrielle where she delivered a spectacular performance dancing to Beyoncé in one of the perfume’s ads.

    What Lagerfield Was Like

    It’s no secret that Lagerfeld was a controversial person. While being an over-the-top and talented influential designer, his character was perceived in certain negative lights due to his often insensitive tone, non-body-positive comments and a very light view on sexual harassment. But Kristen Stewart spoke from the heart, revealing a different side of him to the public.

    SOURCE:Screen Rant

    Incredibly Inviting and Unpretentious

    The 29-year-old actress said, “It’s funny how he presents — so austere and so scary. He wasn’t, though.” She described him to Vanity Fair as  “incredibly inviting,” and “insanely, shockingly, unpretentious.” She also spoke about his creative choices in the industry. “He liked what he liked because he liked it,” she said, admitting that he was fancy, but true to himself.

    She also remembers his presence as a person tenderly. “It’s almost like he sensed he was intimidating, so he was like, ‘No. To have a creative heart is daunting, but let’s get it beating faster and harder.’ He was always touching you while speaking to you. He never talked at you — if he was talking to you, he was usually holding your hand,” Kristen said.

    He knew how to leave a trace,” she ended. He seemingly was encouraging towards her, a feeling that shaped her in “really profound ways.”