Doctor Strange 2 Main Villian Revealed: Mordo or Nightmare?


    Marvel Phase 4 is filled with all the delightful characters, some new like The Eternals and Shang Chi and some old like Doctor Strange 2.


    Doctor Strange 2 will release in 2021 and will bring back Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange. Elizabeth Olsen, aka Scarlet Witch will be joining Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Olsen will also be the lead in Disney+ series Wanda&Vission. It is being reported that Doctor Strange 2 will be directly tied to Wanda&Vission.

    The director Scott Dickerson almost gave the fans the wrong detail about the antagonist of the movie. First, it was indicated that Namor will be the main villain in the movie but then that tweet was deleted. Maybe Namor was the second choice of the director. The main antagonist of the movie will be Nightmare.

    Nightmare is no some ordinary Villian, his power is on the same level as Dormamu. The Nightmare can show people their worst nightmare and keep scaring them for eternity. Doctor Strange can not use time stone as he did with Dormammu as Nightmare will just keep scaring him for eternity. No normal magic will work on him so Wanda is there to help Strange with Nightmare.

    We almost got a scene with Nightmare in the first Doctor Strange movie but the Director dropped it. Dickerson added that this will be MCU’s first horror and they will try to destroy Doctor Strange a bit. The events in Wanda&Vission will lead Scarlet Witch directly to Strange. We’ll most likely see the trailer in the late 2020 or early 2021.

    Nightmare will not be an easy villain to deal with and his powers will likely to be higher than Strange’s power. The Guilt which Doctor Strange had when Tony sacrifices himself could be used by Nightmare. This movie will have some horror element yet with Marvel’s Original Humour as told by Kevin Feige.