Dow Jones effected by US China Trade war


    The top headline of today is the market price of Daw Jones. We all are aware of the US-China trade war, which is quite a widespread discussion in the business world. It has been in force since the past few times, and it is continuously affecting the markets of both the US and China.
    The United States and also the China are two top giants in the world of business and market standing. It can also be said that majority of world’s top companies and businesses around the world are based in China and the United States. Thus, a conflict between the two giants will mean an excellent market hamper to the whole world.

    Image courtesy: The independent

    What’s the news about Daw jones?

    For an easy understanding, Dow Jones is an American stock exchange which comprises of around e30-40 top public companies. It is very much closely linked with Wall Street, situated in New York. Currently, due to this war among the two countries, the stocks of the United States have started to rebound back at a breakneck pace. T is to be noted that Wall Street saw its worst trading of the year on Monday due to the escalation of this trade war.

    Dow Jones climbed 220 points on Tuesday, 06 August 2019. This is because of the decision taken by China to stabilize its currency. This made the market of USA to rebound back hard. The president of USA, Donald Trump said that China had reduced the price of its currency to a historic low which has started causing “currency manipulation.”

    Image courtesy: The independent

    Effects of the stabilization

    Due to this move by China, America suffered significant losses with all its top giant companies getting their shares at a very dynamic price and moving towards rebounding. Both the countries are currently trying to negotiate the matter between them to try to bring the market situation under control and at the satisfaction of both the countries.