Drake has released care package , a compilation of unreleased songs with high beats


    Drake has been in news lately for releasing care package, a compilation of unreleased songs from his career and facing controversy for a melody from the album.

    Let’s start with his release of the care package. The singer announced the news about the album the night before the announcement on social media. The singer wrote that the album was a complication of some of the most critical moments together available in one place. The 17 song album might be uncharted territory for many who haven’t follow Drake throughout his career. However, true Drake fans who have resolved to follow drake carefully and listen to all his songs would be familiar and even feel nostalgic with the album. The songs on the album were released in 2010 and 2016.

    These are some of the biggest hits of Drake that never made out to see the light. Many fans were excited and happy about the release of the care package. But fans were quick to pick up on one noticeable change to 2013’s J.Cole assisted “Jodeci Freestyle.” The new updated song was 20 seconds shorter than the original version. Also, one controversial rhyme from the song was edited out without any trace.
    The controversial rhyme had lyrics that disrespected autism and autistic people. Those lines are deleted with the beats playing out instead. Cole and Drizzy faced massive backlash for the disrespectful lines to which the duo apologised in July 2013. All in all, fans of Drake are loving the new album and are ecstatically listening to all his unreleased songs.