Dream Role For Camila Cabello- She Steps Into The Shoes of Her Favorite Fairy Tale Character Cinderella


    Here’s another exciting news for all Camila Cabello fans out there. While the world still can’t get over the 22-year-old mesmerizing voice in her music video with Shwan Mendes in SEnorita, she is already preparing to step into the shoes of a princess. And guess who is that princess? Yes, Senorita will finally play her dream role of Cinderella on screen. Camila is a big fan of fairytale princesses and with Sony Pictures offering her this role, she could not let this golden opportunity pass.

    Camila’s Wow Moment


    “It’s honestly a dream for me”, these were the words of Camila. She feels really blessed to have such an amazing opportunity and it’s due to God’s grace only. However, the talented singer is a bit afraid although she can’t wait to play Cinderella.

    Sony is taking a new take on the classic fairytale and this time it is going to be more empowering a story. But Camila was quite anxious in her initial days of acting classes. It was indeed scary for her. But credit goes to her acting coach Anthony Meindl who made these acting lessons easier for her. She taught her the art of acting and made everything simpler.

    Her Acting Experience

    Camila confesses that she overthinks and overanalyses to such an extent that it kind of takes away the joy. Now she has adopted the correct ways of acting which are to let the body react. Acting is a process, its a layer of many emotions and the best way to achieve it is to react naturally. This process is like a life lesson for her and it has given her a chance to open up more.

    Camila is an ardent fan of movies. Her favorite actors are Meryl Streep and Julia Roberts. She is also a fan of Halle Bailey who will star in The Little Mermaid. Cabello being a Disney fan is really happy to see Bailey in the movie as she thinks Halle’s voice is amazing.

    Cinderella is set to release on February 2021. Camila fans get ready to see the favorite singer on screen as a princess.