Duane Chapman is “Devastated” After His Wife’s Personal Belongings’ Theft From his Colorado Merchandise Store. What He Said About This??


    Duane Chapman, the TV personality and professional bounty hunter are quite unhappy after Thursday afternoon. What causes this is the burglary at his Colorado merchandise store which he owned with late wife, Beth Chapman. More disheartening for him is the theft of Beth’s belonging. Obviously, after her death in late June this year, her family needed those belongings more than anything.

    Damage And Suspects??

    ET reported that the burglars broken into the store on Thursday afternoon and the law officials are in search of the suspect or suspects. One ET source said that the damage due to the theft could be counted in thousands.

    Dog the Bounty Hunter's store in Edgewater burglarized. Image Credit: The Blast
    Dog the Bounty Hunter’s store in Edgewater burglarized. Image Credit: The Blast.

    Chapmen, through the merchandise store that was robbed mainly used to sell merchandise related to the Chapmans and their reality TV series, Dog the Bounty Hunter.

    Duane Stated The Theft As Unforgivable

    Duane took to Twitter to state the attempt at ‘unforgivable.’ Additionally, he notified an excellent reward for any information that will lead to the suspects involved in the theft. His tweet reads as “The Bible says it is an unforgivable sin to steal from the dead.” Further, the rewards were explained as “LARGE CASH REWARD FOR ANY INFORMATION FOR WHO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS !!!”

    When The Burglary Came Into The Notice?

    According to one of the ET sources, the theft came into view when one of the Chapman’s employees stopped to get some of his work done at Edgewater, Colorado merchandise store. The source into the direct knowledge of the situation said that then only the employee realized that the store is ransacked.

    Duane Chapman With Beth Chapman When She Was Hspitalized For Her Throat Cancer. Image Credit: Instagram
    Duane Chapman With Beth Chapman When She Was Hospitalized For Her Throat Cancer. Image Credit: Instagram.

    What Were Those Beth’s Personal Belongings??

    The source was quoted as “The thieves not only took new merchandise, but they took items that personally belonged to Beth.”  Beth’s bounty-hunting gears were some of the personal belongings that were stolen. Also “Mementos that were part of a makeshift memorial [inside the store] were also taken,” the source claimed.

    The source also reported that “Dog is devastated, and “he’s distraught.”