Dungeons and Dragons’ biggest competitor Pathfinder launches it’s second edition with modified features


    The new Pathfinder second edition has officially been released. It is one of the most hyped games for this year.

    It is launched with a combination of a new 640-page Pathfinder core rulebook alongside a 360-page Pathfinder Bestiary that contains details on over 400 monsters. There is also a stand-alone adventure called “Pathfinder Adventure: the Fall of Plaguestone”


    Pathfinder started off as a revived and expanded version of Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 in 2009. It gave dedicated tabletop gamers a new way to play one of their favourite systems. Since then it has proved itself as one of the biggest competitors of Dungeons and Dragons.

    The new version has a lot of modified features and also some additional ones.


    Decades worth of additional books and materials added new classes, items, and stories to the game, making it impressively broad yet complex.

    The core concepts of the game are revised to make it more streamlined while leaving as much room for customization and further expansion.

    Pathfinder second edition excels in making combat less complicated than it was previously. It does that at the most basic level of what a player can do at their turn. This ” action economy” is far simpler in the second edition than it was before.

    The characters can now perform only three actions on their turn. Everything you do in combat has a cost in actions and every cost for every action is clearly explained. The graphic design is extraordinary.

    It comes with six accessories including its signature goblin race and 12 fully playable character classes. One of the biggest elements is the character creation process, which is deliberately designed to be as flexible as possible.

    You can find more about Pathfinder second edition at Piazo’s website which includes information on where to find copies of everything you need to get started.