Eric Dane does not regret the leaked naked tape


    Eric Dane does not regret about his leaked naked tape.
    What was in the tape?

    A third woman was involved

    In 2009, a tape got leaked which feared Eric Dane and his ex-wife Rebecca Gayheart and a woman. The three of them were naked in a bathtub. Not even a single consent was taken before leaking such a personal picture to the public. Dane who stars in Euphoria now, in 2014 told everyone that it was a mistake, but now he says he has no regrets. Eric Dane told Glamour, “I often think about that answer I gave [to People]. And looking back now, was it a mistake? Absolutely not. Three consenting adults, one of them being my wife? I wasn’t doing anything wrong. “

    Maybe Eric Dane doesn’t respect consent
    Dane thinks it was not his mistake, and it was not a mistake at all. Eric Dane believes that what he did was not wrong, and there is no need to regret about it at all. Of course, for him, consent has no meaning. Even if Eric had his wife, he must have taken her consent before letting that tape out to the public.
    Anyway, this HBO star isn’t regretting. He is not going to accept it as a mistake — this cost Dane his married life. Gayheart left him after this incident.