Fans rejoice Liam Hemsworth’s Shirtless picture while Troll floods Cyrus for her recent performance! Here are the Updates


    A lot has been underway in the lives of Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus since their secret wedding in October 2018. Recently actor Liam Hemsworth and his brother Chris Hemsworth documented their workout sessions on their Instagram account. Fans could not control their their joy seeing both the brothers shirtless doting a perfect 6-pack abs.

    On the other hand Miley Cyrus is on the other side of the coin where she is getting bashed. The picture of her grabbing her crotch while performing in recent Sunny Hill Festival has churned a lot of criticisms. Wishes of sympathy started pouring in for Liam for having to tolerate Cyrus as a wife. Comments like “Poor Liam”, “What a mess, feel sorry for Liam” were prevailing.

    Miley Cyrus has been the talk of the social media for long now. She has been vehemently getting bashed with her recent posts on her account. Her frequent Bikini Clad Photos and Topless snaps gets viral mostly to gets trolled.

    In one of her recent posts she was seen wearing a red latex bodysuit and doing sexual gestures for the camera. Miley has also got a good share of fans who works as her cheerleaders, thus negate the trollers to some extent.

    The relationship of Miley and Liam has a complex nature but both have stuck to each other for long now. Their love of paradise saw a lot of sinking moments since 2010 but they refused to give up. Thus their wedding which was a close affair, did bring a joy of relief for their fans.

    While talking about their future, Miley clarified that she does not want to have baby at this moment with Liam as she feels our Earth is not in a position to handle more human population.