Fans save Denise Richards from a serious medical condition, reaction after seeing her neck


    Denise Richards potentially saved from a severe medical condition thanks to her fans. Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, was recently diagnosed with enlarged thyroid when her fans asked her to get checked after noticing a swollen area in her neck.

    The 48-year-old was on a reunion with the cast of Rhbh when fans saw the swollen thyroid and suspected some medical issue, and they were right. What’s okay, though, is the fact that the former and actress instantly took her fans’ advice to seek medical attention. She decided to Instagram and revealed that she had her diet revamped, which helped her to get better. Richards said that getting rid of gluten went a long way in reducing her thyroid problems. She also accepted that she had been ignoring it up until now, but she started taking care of herself after it was pointed out by her fans. The actor thanked all her fans for pointing out the problem and wishing her well.

    In other news, Denise accused Camille Grammer of making racist comments that the showrunners didn’t air during this season of Rhbh and the reunion show. This led to a public argument between the two on twitter. Denise alleged that Camille made offensive on her youngest daughter’s dad, an African American. Camille responded by saying that Denise asked her to lunch after accusing her on Twitter and she’s confused with Denise’s behavior. Grammer denied all accusations and said that she has no idea what made Denise so uncomfortable.