Fast & Furious 9: Shooting was halted due to on-set accident of Vin Diesel Body Double


    Fast and Furious franchise fans have to wait for more for the next part of the series.

    The shooting for Fast and Furious 9 has been stopped for an unknown time period. This happened after a brutal on-set accident of Vin Diesel’s body double.


    Vin Diesel’s body double Joe Watt met with a brutal accident on the set of Fast and Furious 9 on July 22 after . After the accident, he has been in a state of coma. Reportedly, the stuntman fell from a height of nine meters to break the security cable that protected him.

    vin diesel, fast and furious
    credit: IMDb

    The body double suffered a heavy blow on his head. The incident left the cast and crew of the movie in a state of shock, especially Diesel. The accident caused the shooting to be stopped for an unknown time period. Watts has worked as a body double in many hit movies like Mission Impossible, Spiderman, Kingsman, Jurrasic World, etc.


    vin, fast and furious
    credit: Forbes

    After the accident, Diesel was said to be in the state of ‘total shock.’ Also, he was seen ‘choking back tears’ as he watched Joe Watts fall on his head while performing the stunt. After the accident, Vin is reportedly said to be quitting Fast and Furious franchise. Rumors are that the accident has caused him to believe that the production is cursed.

    While Diesel indeed felt bad about the whole situation, some sources say that the rumors are not true. Both Vin Diesel and Watt’s wife Tilly Powell are devastated by the tragic event. Tilly also wrote a post on Facebook and informed everyone about his critical situation.

    Previously, in 2002, Diesel’s stunt double Harry O’Connor was killed while shooting for a para-sailing scene in the series.

    As soon as the accident happened, production suspended the shooting and gave the recorded tape of the scene to police for further investigation. Fast and Furious nine is supposed to release next year.