Film Review: Otherhood, Netflix’s Comedy, A Unique Take On Motherhood


    Netflix’s latest movie Otherhood talks about three mothers who feel neglected on Mother’s day and decide to surprise their sons. Cindy Chupack directs this comedy for Netflix which stars Angela Bassett, Patricia Arquette, and  Felicity Huffman as the three mothers.


    The Movie

    Otherhood is based on William Sutcliffe’s novel ” Whatever Makes You Happy”. The plot of the movie revolves around three mothers who suddenly plan to visit their adult sons in New York and become the intruder in their lives. Carol, Helen, and Gillian are the protagonists of the film.

    Their reason for the bond was their sons who were childhood buddies. They become very close to each other over the years and witnessing and experiencing several events of life together. But as their sons grew up and moved to different cities for their careers, the trio could not keep the connection like before. It was only on Mother’s Day that the three met and became nostalgic about their old days.

    Rediscovering of Selves


    So to get things back on track once again they decide to show up at their sons’ houses totally uninvited. It was a chance for them to revive their motherly spirits and to reconnect with their kids on a deeper level. But eventually, the rejected mothers realize that they need to rediscover themselves and bring a change in their lives.


    The plot of the movie is quite predictable but the amazing chemistry shared between the three actresses is the charm of the movie. The characters are dynamic and they connect to the audience in a realistic way. They go shopping, discuss their age freely and engage in fun and candid moments with each other just like any woman of their age. Female friendship gained a new light with the superb acting of the actors.

    Disappointing Last Part

    Although the friendship of the women is explored at great length, their sons’ relationship with each other as friends remained unexplored. The characters of Matt, Daniel and Paul are not fleshed out properly. Also, the ending of the movie is abrupt as it does not provide any specific closure.

    Credit should definitely go to the cinematographer Declan Quinn for capturing the bright moments of Manhattan. The costumes are also perfect keeping up with the theme of the movie.

    Despite a pretty blunt conclusion, the movie can be a fun watch celebrating womanhood and their motherhood. Otherhood released on Netflix on August 2, 2019. It’s running time is 101 minutes.

    Go watch it now.