Frenemies alert! Millie Bobby ignored James Charles request on a recent Instagram Live video


    One of the talented Youngsters of Tinsel town, Millie Bobby Brown does have a girl-next-door vibe. She is one of the leading actors in Netflix’s popular show “Stranger Things.” Even if we keep aside her star aura, her real life is all the more happening. Her fans love her joyous lifestyle and interactive attitude.

    She does have millions of fans, thanks to the huge success of her series “Stranger Things.” Beauty YouTuber James Charles also publicly professed his admiration for her quite some time. He shared a fanboy moment when he met her at Coachella 2018. He posted the snap with the caption “I think Millie Bobby Brown is an actual angel that accidentally ended up on Earth.”

    So what went wrong all of a sudden? “Stranger Things” star did live video in her Instagram story on 11th of July. While taking the questions from her fans, suddenly Charles’ comment on the account also flashed. He casually asked for a video collaboration where they could even talk about part three of her show. Whether it was done intentionally or not, Millie made a face showing disgust as she saw the question.

    Many fans are now digging on the fact that all maybe not right between the two. There has not been any official statement from any of them. So the whole thing does not have any credibility as of now.

    Few possibilities that need to be thought of are that she might have mistakenly skipped his comment, and that face might be for some other comment, as a puppet in the hands of technical glitches these can happen very often. Secondly, chat screenshot between the two went viral. The DM chat suggested that the duo spoke to each other on 17th of July when James wanted suggestions from Millie often for a good beauty blush for him, which “The stranger things” star replied to.

    As nothing has been confirmed about this, we can only hope that all is well between the duo Millie and Charles.