Game of Thrones prequel starring Naomi Watts. She didn’t watch GOT?


    It’s been only little weeks since Game of Thrones has officially ended, but fans are left wanting more. After an average final season that didn’t get much appreciation from the audiences, many fans signed a petition seeking a remake of the last season. Though the remake wouldn’t be happening at all, it’s not all bad news.

    According to sources, there are currently five prequels of GOT in work. However, if fans are seeking any assurance on whether these prequels will stand up to the expectations, then the most significant guarantee comes in the fact that George R.R. Martin would be assisting the making of these shows.

    SOURCE: Hollywood Reporter

    This is some excellent news for the fans of the show but what if I say there’s even better news? What could top this? Well, one of the prequels has already completed shooting it’s the first season, which means we can expect it’s release soon enough.

    It seems that Naomi Watts will be portraying the titular character in the prequel. The title of the show has not yet been decided, but it is expected to be either Blood Moon or The Long Night. The show would depict the confrontation with White Walkers, 5000 years before the events of GOT. The show was shot in Belfast, Northern Ireland in Italy.

    Almost everyone on the planet has watched GOT(metaphorically), especially everyone in the industry who has watched the show. However, when Naomi Watts was approached for a role in the Game Of Thrones prequel, she had not yet attended a single episode of the series. Yes, It is true. Naomi revealed that she hadn’t watched the show when she was approached for the job but her brother, a GOT fan, persuaded her to take the role. She did binge the whole show later.