Get Ready For Explosion- Fortnite Season 10 Is Here, Leaks Video, All New Latest Updates


    It was in 2017, that Epic Games developed and released the game popular online game Fortnite. Epic finally unveiled the look of season 10 of Fortnite and fans are excited beyond imagination. It has been a long but worthy wait for this superb game. So let’s get into the details of the tenth season of Fortnite.

    Video Teaser

    The teaser is of a few seconds but it is surely going to blow away your mind. Fans had their fun time watching the thrilling teaser of the game where there might be a catastrophic event. This speculation arrived from the glowing orb which shows up in the Lake Loot. It seems to blow up real soon in the teaser. And, the most exciting incorporation in the video was of the phrase ‘zero in’.

    Giant Mech

    An image uploaded by the creators has led to several speculations. Fans are expecting a unique and new kind of vehicle in the latest season. Assumptions are that it might be a giant mech and it will contain firepower and loads of armor.

    There may be a new style adopted for Rust Lord. It seems that its color and outfit has changed.

    Trailer Alert


    Epic knows how to keep up the excitement of the fans at their peak. Soon after the release of the teaser, they released an amazing video of the upcoming game. The trailer is more detailed than the teaser and it is definitely rising the expectations way more. A character in the trailer travels a path that is full of moments and elements and they are actually from the previous seasons of Fortnite.

    The rocket launch is cracking in the sky and the audience witnesses that the magical butterfly is appearing from the spot of explosion.

    The tagline with which the trailer ends is quite interesting as it says ” out of time”.

    Both the teaser and the trailer are quite exciting and fans can expect a richer experience with the new season of the game. Undoubtedly, it is going to be a journey full of wonders.

    Fortnite Season 10 is launching today, August 1. Check out the trailer and teaser above. And it’s time to say Game On.