Gigi Hadid and Tyler Cameron out on another date. Hannah Brown ok?


    Supermodel Gigi Hadid has undoubtedly moved on from her on and off relationship with singer Zayn Malik. The supermodel has been frequently spotted with Tyler Cameron, model, cozying up to each other. They were recently spotted enjoying a game of bowling in York city on Monday. The game day follows their first date on Sunday evening.

    The date night on Sunday evening was pretty lively as the duo were seen enjoying each other’s company at Brooklyn’s Dumbo house before heading to Gigi’s,
    apartment for the night. According to an onlooker, Hadid and Cameron looked happy and pleased leaving their date. They drank, ate, laughed, and had a great time with each other.

    Furthermore, both Gigi and Tyler are open for a relationship, but for now, it seems that both models are taking things slow and trying to enjoy the moment. According to reports, the models initially connected via Instagram and their careers in the modeling industry implies that they have mutual friends.

    Gigi was in a relationship with Zayn for more than two years as the pair began dating in November 2015 and ended their relationship in March 2018. Even though the two were later spotted making out on the streets of New York and it seemed that they are back with each other, but they broke up once again a few months later.

    Tyler, who spent a night with Hannah Brown before flying off to New York for back to back dates with Gigi, has left Hannah feeling hurt. Hannah said that she has feelings, and she is single, and so is Tyler, and both can keep their options open.