Gigi Hadid dating Bachelorette star Tyler Cameron. Is she over Zayn Malik?


    Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik were the celebrity couple of the decade. Going on and off for four entire years, they finally broke up in January earlier this year surrounded by speculation as to why.

    Rumors of them getting back together have continued to surface up until recently, but now, it looks like Gigi Hadid might’ve genuinely moved on.

    Tyler Cameron, the Bachelorette Star That Gigi Now Seems To Be Interested In

    According to recent reports, Gigi Hadid has been spotted on more than one dates with The Bachelorette star Tyler Cameron. They were seen spending the night at the Frames Bowling Lounge in New York City this Monday and going out to get drinks in the evening at the exclusive private club Soho House, Brooklyn and then moving on to Gigi’s apartment. US Weekly even reports that they looked very happy heading there.

    The reality star and supermodel even made headlines a while ago when they followed each other on Instagram.

    What This Means

    Gigi has been single for the better part of a year now. US Weekly earlier reported that she still talks to Zayn, but won’t get back together with him. So, it isn’t really that surprising that she’s chosen to move on with someone else.Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid - Are they ever getting back together?

    E! News has reported that the pair intend to take things slowly but are interested in each other. In addition, it also said that they have mutual friends, but first connected on Instagram.  “They met for drinks last night at Soho, and they got along really well,” a source told the magazine. “It was very casual but they were laughing and had a very engaged conversation.”

    If you’re waiting for official confirmation that the pair are an item, you’re not alone!

    Zayn meanwhile, just put his Soho penthouse on sale. Related? Who knows.