Gwen Stacy appeared in Avengers Endgame? Next spidey love interest?


    The Avengers endgame had so many superheroes crammed together in a 3-hour movie that you might have missed a few of them. Or did you?? The movie had so many of Marvel superheroes that spotting an easter egg or even losing a hero was pretty understandable.

    Now the all fans can get their hands on Avengers endgame BluRay as soon as August 13 or if they have already downloaded the digital release, they might end up discovering some hidden references or easter eggs. What’s more, some discerning fans have already noticed that a girl in the movie strikingly resembles the iconic Spider-Man love interest, Gwen Stacy.

    The purported Gwen Stacy is seen when Peter Parker reunites with his friend in the school’s hallway after coming back from being erased by Thanos. The girl supposed to be Gwen Stacy has blonde hair, pink backpack and skirt featuring a black and white web design, all of which are distinctive features associated with Gwen. It’s certainly not a coincidence as we know how particular the Russo brothers are about their films.

    SOURCE: IGN Nordic

    So, is it possible this Easter egg would turn into an actual character in future Marvel movies or just the Russo brothers pulling our legs? If Gwen Stacy does get introduced in the Marvel universe, then it is most fitting that she would grace the screen in a Spiderman movie. However, Peter is already head over heels for MJ so most likely Gwen would be the other love interest of Peter. Another possibility is that Gwen would be taken in by Aunt May after the death of her father and she’d live with Peter. There’s nothing substantial to support any hypothesis and let’s not forget that we’re not even sure that if it is Gwen Stacy and not the Directors messing with us.