Gwyneth Paltrow helped Chris Martin & Dakota Johnson get back together after recent breakup


    Coldplay frontman Chris Martin and actress Dakota Johnson are back together, it seems.

    Reports had emerged earlier in June that the couple had split, and the noticeable absence of Martin besides Johnson as she shot for her new film with Ice Cube on the streets of Los Angeles confirmed the rumors for many.

    Now, though, the couple is supposedly reunited, that too with the help of Martin’s ex-wife Gwyneth Paltrow of all people.

    A source close to all three told E! News, ‘Gwyneth is the one who pushed them to do it. Gwyneth is happy if Chris is happy, she only wants the best for him. Gwyneth really likes Dakota and she likes Chris and Dakota together as a couple. Dakota has always fit in really well and felt like part of the family when they all hang out.’

    ‘She’s very mature, she’s smart and she’s interesting. They have a lot to talk about,’ and the source further added that Gwyneth doesn’t get too involved in Chris’ business but she does want him to be happy and supports him. She has seen how happy he is with Dakota and that’s a good thing for everyone.’

    Credit: Metro


    Martin and Paltrow divorced in 2016, in what the singer described as a ‘conscious uncoupling’ and have maintained cordial relations, though Coldplay’s 2018 Amazon Prime documentary ‘A Head Full of Dreams’ displayed just how much the break-up affected Martin, particularly his mental health.

    He then began dating the Fifty Shades of Grey star in 2017, and it was a spate of pictures of the couple that emerged over coming months that put to rest rumors that Martin was still actually dating Academy Award-winner Jennifer Lawrence.