Haim’s Song Summer Girl: a Perfect Song For Summers, Check Out!!!


    Southern Californians Haim and Paul Thomas Anderson released a song video showing the magical Hollywood in summer. They have given a dreamlike tour of the Hollywood streets.


    Haim has done a fantastic job, the song has a good rhythm and tune to it. The Hollywood looks beautiful when you are walking or driving down the Hill during dusk or dawn time. The name of the song is ‘Summer Girl’ couldn’t have chosen any better than this.  The saxophone sound in the song gives the song a cheerful and melody feel.

    Summer is going to end soon but Haim’s song reminds us that it is not ended at least now.  The song gives of full-on Summer vibes. On Twitter Haim explained that the inspiration of the song is from Lou Reed’s “Walk On The Wild Side”. The song is much better than “Walk On The Wild Side”, things turned well in this than Lou Reed’s song.

    Haim is at the centre of the video and her sister then joining in afterwards. The song fuels up the summer spirit and keeps the listener gassed up for the summer that is left. This song is the latest that the band has released since “Something To Tell You” which was written when her partner Ariel was diagnosed with cancer.

    The sisters go from full winter clothing to summer outfits. The whole song is accompanied by the relaxing saxophone sound which gives off summer vibes. Haim says she started to write this song to send some positive energy to his partner Ariel. She says that she wanted to be his sunshine whenever he was feeling lost in the darkness.

    The song has started to climb the charts and why not it is summertime. This is the perfect summer jazz to listen to.